Open Source Mac - A simple list of free, open-source software for Mac OS X.
Some more specialized free and open-source Mac apps. If you want too see proprietary apps too, check out

Note Taking



An innovative application for note taking and outlining. Takes time to get used to, but some people swear by it.
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Personal Finance



A personal finance and budgeting program, aimed at those who have little or no financial background.
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MSN Chat

More Web Browsing



Fast, nice web browser.
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sunrise browser


Good webkit-based browser created with special tools for web designers.
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Full-featured Mozilla browser, used to be called 'Mozilla Suite'.
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PDF Viewer



PDF viewer.
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electric sheep

Electric Sheep

Immersive, trippy screensaver.
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More Filesharing


Tomato Torrent

Download torrents. Nice and simple.
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Also see: Poisoned - Azureus

3D Graphics and Modeling



Powerful 3D Modeling software.
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Planetariums and Outer Space

celestia icon


Open-source 3D planetarium software. Akin to traveling through space (outer space).
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stellarium icon


"Renders realistic skys in realtime." See what you would see if your city wasn't so light-polluted. Used in real planetariums.
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Also see: macORSA - Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation, and Analysis

Comic Reader


Simple Comic

Read digital comics.
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Dance Dance Revolution



Dance Dance Revolution clone. Can connect to external dance pads.
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cube icon


Nice first-person shooter.
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Marathon: Aleph One icon

Marathon: Aleph One

Engine for Bungie's free FPS series Marathon. Play online, solo play with rich original story, many total conversions and thousands of maps.
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zombies icon


3D zombie strategy game.
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Armagetron Advanced

3D Tron game.
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BZflage logo


First-person tank game.
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Battle for Wesnoth logo

Battle for Wesnoth

Fantasy / Strategy Game
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Also see: Snes9X (SNES emulator), Frozen Bubble, PySol for Mac (card games), PLANESHIFT (3D Fantasy MMORPG), VDrift (drift racing simulation). Client



Let's you easily post to
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Free File Hosting

CC Publisher

CC Publisher

Host Creative Commons video or audio files for free on with this easy uploader.
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Quick Links

Viewers Comic viewer: Comical
Comic viewer: FFView
OpenDocument viewing application: ODF Viewer

RSS and Usenet
RSS Reader: Feed
Cross-platform RSS reader: BlogBridge
RSS video podcast player: I/ON
Usenet Reader: OSXnews

IM, IRC, Chat
Multi-IM: Fire
Powerful IRC client: X-Chat Aqua
Videoconferencing client: XMeeting
PBX / Voip system: Asterisk

Graphics and Art
Draw on a moving canvas: Cosmic Painter
Image editor: Seashore
An artwork scaling calculator: Scaletron!
A Paint-like program designed for pixel-pushers: Pixen
A VRML/X3D Browser: FreeWRL
Realtime Editing and Effects System: Jahshaka
Video transcoder: ffmpegX
MPEG convertor: MPEG Streamclip

Music and Audio
OGG Vorbis encoder (ogg is an open source audio codec): Ogg Drop
Music notation: LilyPond
Play and compose live music: Miraton
Max/MSP style realtime music and multimedia environment: Pd
Manage chords, lyrics, and projection: OpenSong

Wifi / Networking
Discover open wifi networks: iStumbler
A Prism/Prism2 driver 802.11: WirelessDriver
Fast, lightweight VNC client: Chicken of the VNC
VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse: OSXvnc

Manage disk space: DiskInventoryX
Book management: Books
CD / DVD Burning: SimplyBurns
Disable sleep on a Mac: InsomniaX
Protect your laptop with a car-alarm style alarm: Multialarm
Remove extra languages from OSX to save disk space: Monolingual
System event notifications: Growl
System performance monitors: MenuMeters
Virtual desktop tool: Desktop Manager
Virus checker: ClamXav
Share mouse and keyboard between 2 or more computers: SynergyKM and Quick Synergy
Check available RAM: Memtest
Monitor CPU, RAM, battery, CPU temp, network, I/O, and more: X Resource Graph
Control your Mac via Bluetooth: Romeo

Writing and Typesetting
Screenplay writing and pre-production support: Celtx
Bibliography manager, BibTeX .bib format: BibDesk
Typesetting - TeX previewer for Mac OS X: TeXShop
Typesetting: iTexMac

Education course management system: Moodle
Student information system: Focus / SIS
Another student information system: Centre

Development platform: Eclipse
SQL Editor: YourSQL

Math and Engineering
General purpose computer algebra system: Yacas
GNU S language: R
MATLAB style rapid engineering and scientific prototyping / data processing: FreeMat

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